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Welcome to Caroline MabeyLand

Good morning. It’s time to stop panicking. I’m here now and everything’s going to be ok. I’m a comedian, writer, actor, radio host- all the things you need.

Like all the other comedians Lockdown has affected my live gigs but you can hear me every Tuesday on Riverside Radio at 6pm, playing all sorts of exotic and wonderful music by female vocalists. I’ve also been acting in lots of short and long films for other people, plus some I made myself as part of the Lost Comics.

And I’ve been busy writing TV comedy drama. Watch this space!

Before the world fell to pieces, I wrote and performed six solo Edinburgh Fringe comedy shows, did constant stand-up gigs, co-hosted a podcast with Taylor Glenn called the Self Renovators, and I wrote and performed with Michael Legge as The Two Stupids.

I once played the bassoon at the Hammersmith Apollo. Not on /Live at the Apollo/, (but it was /that/Apollo). With Jarvis Cocker. Don’t ask him to verify this, he won’t remember. To him, I’m just a girl on a bassoon like any other.


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